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A Brief History

Tosoh Quartz, Inc. was incorporated in the year 2000 but has been in operation in the United States since 1957 and in Europe since 1992.
Located in Portland, Oregon and Durham, England, Tosoh Quartz, Inc. produces quartz glassware for the semiconductor industry for use in the processing of integrated circuits.
Tosoh Quartz, Inc. has been dedicated to uncompromising quality and service since its inception. The employees of Tosoh Quartz, Inc., driven by their desire to produce the highest quality, technically correct product possible, possess an attention to detail and an "anything is possible" attitude.
Through controlled growth and careful training, Tosoh Quartz, Inc. have become known in the semiconductor industry as the quartz fabrication shops whose specialty is providing the customer with products that other suppliers deemed impossible to fabricate.
Over 450 employees working within 100,000 square feet in two facilities located in Portland, Oregon (MAP ») and Durham, England (MAP ») comprise the backbone of Tosoh Quartz, Inc.
Our design engineering capabilities, training and technology exchange programs, coupled with the latest custom machinery and quality control equipment has allowed us to maintain our reputation of being the industry leader in technology and quality worldwide.

Facts and Figures

Jan 1970
Gunther Weiss provides quartz products to the fledgling semiconductor industry, d.b.a. Weiss Scientific Glass Blowing.

Mar 1976
Weiss Scientific Glass Blowing Co. is incorporated in the State of Oregon. Mr. Gunther Weiss, President, directs the operations at a 12,000 square foot facility in Portland, OR.

Mar 1982
Weiss introduces state-of-the-art parallel "drop-slotted" concept for wafer carriers, utilizing custom designed computerized slotting equipment.

Apr 1989
Weiss locates a subsidiary in San Jose, CA to expand its presence in the Silicon Valley, d.b.a. Weiss Glass Technologies.

Oct 1989
Weiss Scientific begins a major construction project to expand the Portland, OR facility to a total of 60,000 square feet.

Oct 1990
Weiss completes the major expansion with state of the art lathe, bench, machining, slotting and cutting room facilities.

Mar 1991
Weiss introduces quartz burner tips into production welding, minimizing contamination during the production phase.

Apr 1992
Nippon Silica Glass Europe founded.

Jun 1993
Tosoh acquires 100% ownership of Weiss Scientific.

Dec 1993
Tosoh's Weiss operation becomes the first glass shop in the world to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

Jan 1995
Tosoh acquires 100% ownership of Cryco Quartz Inc.

Dec 1995
Nippon Silica Glass Europe begins quartzware manufacturing and production.

Jan 1998
Tosoh's Weiss operation finishes multiple expansions of its facility to reach a total of 100,000 square feet.

Jan 2001
Weiss Scientific Glass Blowing Co. merges with Cryco 22, Inc., Cryco Quartz, Inc. and Weiss Glass Technologies, Inc. The resulting corporation is renamed Tosoh Quartz, Inc. Nippon Silica Glass Europe renamed to Tosoh Quartz, Ltd..

Jan 2005
Tosoh Quartz, Ltd. merged into Tosoh Quartz, Inc.

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